I stand before the people. Blood is still dripping from my dagger, and I wait, panting. Then, out of nowhere, comes this cry: "All hail, Queen Mary!"

Linh Cinder from the Lunar Chronicles, a series of four books by Marissa Meyer. So beautiful.

chinese art>> Really pretty, in my opinion. :)

Sera que alguem me ensina fazer esses pentioados?

北堂天玄 's Weibo_Weibo

Is she astride a Horse or Lama?

Ministra inspiration (An Aramy regent outfit?)

Ministra inspiration (An Aramy regent outfit?

Thất Tú Phường - Công Tôn Nhị Nương

Môn phái Thất Tú – game Kiếm Võng 3 – Y Xuy Ngũ Nguyệt

by Ibuki Satsuki

73798a4288d25bdbe72112d84d73e776.jpg (438×592)

73798a4288d25bdbe72112d84d73e776.jpg (438×592)

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Flower sea by qianyu

Tags : Art ; painting ; watercolor ; portraits ; anime ; animation ; drawing ; illustration by unknown

Assuming these are watercolor. Deft handling of the medium, excellent draftsmanship. Hội những người yêu tranh của Y Xuy Ngũ Nguyệt (Ibuki Satsuki) 《《previous pinner They are very beautiful though.

What do you see the body shape or the floating hair pieces?                                                                                                                                                                                 More

What do you see the body shape or the floating hair pieces? ---BODY SHAPE (though at first impression floating hair)

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Ik this is weird but that songlet or bra backing is really cute i want it

Cute Manga girl

Baige Wing - Part 8

anime girl with braid

It took me a moment to notice the second girl haha, and I really like the blossomed theme of this piece.

white hair: Yuki black hair: Chiyo ( me)

Cindy {figurative art blonde female head profile décolletage woman face portrait digital painting}

She's not in tune with this world. She doesn't care for reality, living in her fantasies. So, it's impossible for her to differentiate between the two

Rest In Pieces

The dead anime mother trend