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cookiecreation: “*finally draws viktuuri art* ”


yuri on ice episode 10

bellos n3n

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bellos n3n

yurionicemerch: “ Back Hug “❄️ Get this design in various more ways on Redbubble! ” ”

on Ice) Yuuri Katsuki/Viktor Nikiforov

guess it shows (viktor, begging, "please be my boyfriend")

‘Big Hug’ Sticker by cookiecreation

yuri on ice

Credit: cookiecreation on Tumblr • Yuri Katsuki// Victor Nikiforov// Yurio Plisetsky// Yuri On Ice//

cookiecreation: “doing last minute prints hahh ” I’m feeling the bear necklace.

Victuuri by cookiecreation Yuri!!! On Ice Viktor, Yuri

Victuuri by cookiecreation Yuri! On Ice Viktor, Yuri

AHAHAHAHAHA OH MEHN YUURI YOU ARE WRONG - he just wants to fuck yuuri

Yuri on Ice Victuri

Yuri!!! on Ice                                                                                                                                                                                 More

on Ice) Yuuri Katsuki


Having sex with your favorite male anime characters Request are closed

3 types of drunks. Yakov, Viktor Nikiforov and Celestino. On Ice / Yoi Credit to the artist mujilow

So cute and beatiful

Otabek Altin x Yuri Plisetsky - Otayuri Yuri! On Ice / Yoi

i couldn't find screen caps for the scene exactly so i just included some cute vitya with his lil makkachin✨ NOTE: this also includes when Viktor said that he's had a few and starts to count them off on his fingers before yuuri can stop him, that was the unspecified form as well! . . . .

Anime: Yurri on Ice! Characters: Yurri and Viktor

You don't recover from Viktor Nikiforov  || Original work by bunnjou.tumblr.com || Viktor Nikiforov | Yuri Plisetsky | Otabek Altin | Yakov Feltsman | Yuri on Ice | YOI

You don't recover from Viktor Nikiforov

Think of me too like I think of you.

Think of me too like I think of you.

yuri on ice

yuri on ice