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Okay but really though

I actually kept my shit together! I may have lost it during the Vizh x Wanda parts. - visit to grab an unforgettable cool Super Hero T-Shirt!


also the time that he literally started a civil war to protect bucky barnes because me too

YES OMG hahaha right when he said his first line! "You didn't see that coming?" NO I DIDNT SEE IT COMING HAHAHA

Confession: I WANTED him to die before I saw the movie. I thought he was going to be a perfectly boring throw-away character that would satisfy Whedon's bloodlust and let me keep my favorites. THIS IS ALL MY FAULT.

It's definitely my safe place. I constantly return to this film. <<<I'm pretty sure I've watched it over a hundred times and I still get excited every time I watch it!!!

The winter soldier is definitely mine xx

I'm pretty sure Marvel's mission in life is to make sure that my face is never dry. Ever. <---- accurate

Accurate<-------- I shall never be over the Bucky Barnes feels<----- Seriously scared for Caps life from avengers 2 onwards!