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Ludwig von Mises quote

Depressions and mass unemployment are not caused by the free market but by government interference in the economy.

History does generally repeat (tho in outline, not in details) Communism, extreme socialism...extreme government control have been found...and are the  main cause for deaths in the 20th century  (Communists & National Socialists (Nazis)).   The naiive and ignorant-of-history will...again walk down those paths...

People loved COMMUNISM so much that people were killed trying to cross the Berlin Wall attempting to get to Freedom.

This guy should write the double speak dictionary.

it's that nasty reality crap again. or what is called an unfortunate truth.

Government...remember this when you vote in November!!!

Ludwig Von MIses~ "Depression and mass unemployment are not caused by the Free Market, but by government interference in the economy.

This makes me sick!!! Before long, the name of our country will change because it is offensive to someone!!!!

Can still buy it in limited places! I bought mine, now go find yours! If the Nazy and ISIS flags are not banned neither should this one be!

Public 'servants' with so much to hide...?

If this bitch doesn't do hard time, every American facing an IRS audit should be allowed to take the and avoid all taxes and penalties.

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you think it's disrespectful to make fun of obama because he's our current president? you must have been so unhappy with all the jokes people were making about bush.


Flakey Moron Rand Paul concedes he will cut Medicare and Social Security to pay for tax cuts

Think again!!

Obama quote- An email (Ben Rhodes) ties the WHITE HOUSE to blaming a Video for the Benghazi Terrorist attack & murders to save Obama & put his policies in a good light before the 2012 Election!

Ted Cruz

GRRRRRRRRRRR I got called a lot of names while trying to wake people. Somehow, though, I don't feel vindicated, just angry and sad.

We are only created equal by God - equal to make him our savior and Lord. Nothing else is guaranteed!

90 Miles From Tyranny : All The Difference In The World - Hayek


So 2 weeks ago we had money to bomb Syria.but now we can't afford to let our veterans see an open-air Memorial? I AM SO ANGRY.