Perfect Mini Anden & Tasha Tilberg by Nathaniel Goldberg for Hermes “Sur la route de la soie”, styled by Serge Girardi.

November Vogue, 1954 - Wenda and the Ostriches, South Africa Vogue, Norman Parkinson

Wenda and Ostriches, South Africa 1951 by Norman Parkinson. “On location in Africa Mrs Parkinson was posed on the back of an ostrich which turned out to move at an incredible speed. As she disappeared.

Bernard Plossu  1966 Mexico

“ “ from the [ Voyage en Mexique, 1965 ] series by Bernard Plossu ” ” © Bernard Plossu / Mexique.

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Available in gold plated on gold filled posts or solid sterling silver Handmade in Richmond, VA. Ready to ship in business days.