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Quicksilver and Wolvie

A la chingada triunfo él mal wattpad ...Que?

A la chingada triunfo él mal \>:v/ Random

Quicksilver/Peter and Wolverine Logan

Nightcrawler and Quicksilver // idk what this is supposed to be but I love both of them a lot so although the it confuses me it makes me really happy

X-Men - Kurt Wagner x Peter Maximoff - Nightsilver

BBRAE week day 5 : Firsts by MegS-ILS on DeviantArt

I DON'T ship it but it is kind of funny.

Don't think so Wolvy! You gotta catch him first.

X-men quicksilver x Wolverine

Magneto and quicksilver - father and son

Magneto and quicksilver - father and son Cuties

Avengers academy, I am so excited for this!>>> for anyone who hasn't noticed Avengers Academy is in the App Store for Apple and android devices

TS&SR so sweet die beiden 😍

This made my heart hurt

yunissss: “Damned mutant ”

Avengers Memes - Quicksilver(s)

Laura, Quicksilver and Deadpool

I know

I know

would love to know what is going on here :) Loki, Vanda - Scarlet witch, Thor and Pietro - Quicksilver

Who is the coolest : Loki!<<Omg the halo on pietro!

Nightcrawler, Angel, and Quicksilver

The Quicksilver fansite



☄ @7baguettes

☄ @7baguettes