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Pinning again for the awesome cosplays, and Sarah's perfect rendition of the guy from Mulan.

Sarah J. Maas on



Aaaahhhhhh!!!!! Only one day left!!!!!'

although I anticipate lots of tears. C'mon SJM, make me sob uncontrollable tears.

Less than five months to acowar!

I laughed so hard I banged my head on the back of my chair and now it hurts, lovely

Lmfaooo i cant get the image of them three saying mine mine like the seaguls, so bloody hilarious!!

Aelin, Manon, Lorcan and probably Rowan and Aedion too, since Elide means so much to Aelin

Instagram photo by @aeclionashryver via ink361.com

ToG-I was really mad at him for hurting her like that. But I forgave him when I remembered how much Lyria's death messed him up

Go Sarah J Maas! At least we know fleet foot doesn't die:)

Please dont kill: Aelin Rowan Chaol Nesryn Manon Dorian Abroxus Lysandra Aedion Renn Basically every awesome person in the books