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La reine

nurse bees watch over a queen larva in its cell

Chemicals kill bees - save the bees to save the planet!

Bees are magic.  Raw Honey is a super food.  Sweet, antibacterial and healing.  Enjoy, but leave some for the bees....

Beehive: Raw honey is a super food, antibacterial and healing.

really good post on making splits

How to split a hive / Making Increase – Cookeville BeeKeepers

queen bee cell - Google Search

Two queen cells were opened to show older queen larvae of the Western honey bee. On top of the cells can be seen the royal jelly.

5 Fun and Fascinating Facts about honey bees

Five Fun and Fascinating Facts about Honey Bees

5 Fun and Fascinating Facts about honey bees

paradis express: Hilary Berseth

Artist Hilary Berseth collaborates with honeybees to create intricate sculptures made of beeswax and honey. He builds a template for the shape he wants, places it inside the hive in the Spring, and waits. (And waits.) The outcome is often different than h

Uhmm, not using that mail box!  Glad they called in help from real beekeepers to move the  bees properly.

bees swarming a postbox :: To a swarm of bees, this is the Perfect Hive to move into.