Dick Grayson is such a good dad. (Batgirl v.2 #7)----> Yeah, and then Bruce…

Batman, Batgirl & Robin “Game over.” “Don't be lame. He’s learning.

Dick Grayson Tarot Card

THE SUN: Success; time for the good things in life: love, sunshine, rest and play.

Dick Grayson, Tim Drake & Damian Wayne "I did notice I'm not on here" - Dick "You never will be" - Tim

Dick Grayson, Tim Drake & Damian Wayne imagine agent 37 being up there when the batfam has heard of him

Bat Boys' Night Out by AlphaLunatic.deviantart.com on @deviantART

The three older bat boys go out for some fun in the night! Damian needs his sleep because he's a growing boy. Damian: *TT* I know my art sucks, but I'm . Bat Boys' Night Out

DC Comics lança capas retro incriveis de seus personagens

Images for : Marguerite Bennett Discusses WWII Female Heroes in "DC Comics Bombshells" - Comic Book Resources

Alfred brushing Batman with a toothbrush isn't quite as cute as brushing a fruit bat with a toothbrush.

Brushie brushie Master Wayne!

Brushing a bat with a tooth brush. The bat looks confused and batman doesn't care. Cause he's batman.

SUPER HERO VALENTINES - It's not like I like you, or anything...

Creative Twist On Love: Sarcastically Geeky Valentine Designs