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genspen: “ 230416 ◦ Forgot to post this! Last week in my bullet journal- a great week of rest and a quick vacation (^ν^) ”


Printable Weekly Travelers Notebook Insert (Regular& Size) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Size: x inches

Tons of Bullet Journal Weekly examples to help you organize your life | Zen of Planning | Planner Peace and Inspiration

Bullet Journal Weekly Layout Inspiration

While I don't use dailies myself in my bullet journal, most bullet journal groupies use them. Ryder Carroll, the original bullet journal creator calls it Loggi

​In the last week of having my bullet journal, I've been more aware, organized, and mindful.

15 Photos That Will Inspire You To Start A Bullet Journal

when people spell "morning" as "mourning". but I mean same thing bc for real who isn't in mourning when they wake up and have to get out of bed- Great Banner Ideas for bullet Journaling, fun chore chart.

Weight loss tracker and inches lost trackers. Bullet journal stickers, layouts, tips, and more! PlanetPlanIt

Plan-With-Me Post as I begin my new Bullet Journal