Lotus Seed Heads No.1   Fine Art Photography by DuaFlower on Etsy, $55.00

Photographing Water Flowers is a reflection of the divine. All of my Lotus and WaterLilies were photographed on-site with natural light at The New York

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Pink Lotus

im loving the lotus flower idea. I especially like the top view as opposed to the side view of the flower

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Color Study of Lavender and Purple Roses by Harvest Roses - http://www.harvestwholesale.com Cool Water, Cool Paris, Blueberry, Rock Fire, Ocean Song, Purple Haze, Amnesia, Silverston, Moody Blues, Queen of the Night, Deep Purple, Lady Moon, Nautica, Nuage

Purple Rose Study by Flirty Fleurs. Roses provided by Harvest Roses Wholesale, NYC. Love me some purple roses

roses in water

An entry from A Pleasing Book of Scraps

Roses floating in a pool. would be nice for a wedding or party at a home where there was a pool