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Any. Damn. Cookie

Any cookie can be bite-sized if you're willing to become the joker.

On guilt:

47 Times Australians Nailed It On Tumblr In 2015

I was the last one in my class to get my pen licence and I only got it because it was the last day of year < i had to move schools and only had one year before moving to high school, so my teacher was like, nah u don't need a pen license, haha

Holy son of a motherless goat that if fricken hilarious!!! XD XD XD :,D Im crying!!

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Holy son of a motherless goat that if fricken hilarious! XD XD XD :,D Im crying!<<"Holy son of a motherless goat"

Blood covered room, tumblr funny

Honestly my reaction to finding a dead body in a game is "well darn", but also I'm pretty sure most people would scream or freak out if they saw a room covered in blood

Not as funny as most tumblr posts, but worth the read, some parts are absolutely hilarious

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European countries are just plain weird.BAGGED WATER and BAGGED MILK? And not to mention, windows with no screens?(no wonder you guys had the Black Plague)<<<I am German and I have never heard of bagged water or milk before