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;) @mohammedvarteji

Don't mess with a Virgo! Even worse if it's a REDHEADED Virgo! >>>>> Preach it! Redheaded Virgo, right here!

Its not the 1st time i've been called Superwomen and it wont be the last.

So, that is why Jeff got the superman emblem tattoo, was really representing me!


"Virgos can go through a lot of bullshit in life without complaining. sometimes they keep themselves busy so they won't go insane" my love my virgo

I love being a Virgo

I'm not a Virgo but I had to pin because it is hilarious! I'm actually an Aquarius<<<Oh my gosh you're an Aquarius? Aquarius & Virgo's are supposed to be like best friends! I'm a Virgo!

Oh, yes.

the best way to get a virgo females attention is to ask her simple questions, not by calling her baby or sexy.