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I will repin this every time I see it

Of all the gods love Poseidon most because he is such a good father to Percy!Next is Athena , because she always threatened Percy to get away from her daughter,Annabeth, but still Percy will not stop.

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For some reason, this makes me think of Percy, Nico and Jason arguing over the last pizza slice whilst Annabeth threatens to throw a book at them . (Oh Annabeth, don't throw a book, do a personalized book chop like Maka Albarn.

Hiccup, Annabeth

I just envisioned Annabeth holding Percy back by the hood of his hoodie, lol

WHAT DID I JUST READ<<<THE FUNNIEST THING IN THE PJO FANDOM<<<<how epically annoying would that be?

He actually does this, and he tuned the Poseidon cabin in on it. ~Jamie and Percy

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Percy Jackson obsessions xD it's sad how accurate this is.

harry potter and percy jackson combined. I LOVE IT.

There needs to be more Percy Jackson/ Harry Potter crossovers in the world.>>> this would be an awesome book/movie, a funny one at that>>rick riordan and jkr meeting would probably cause an apocalypse of wonderful.

Why? Just why does those ships exist? Except percabeth. They're meant to be

Jason and Percy took it to a whole new level. But I wonder what Annabeth said to make Percy blush -> NAUGHTY NAUGHTY NAUGHTY THINGS<---------- i love you so much pinning for last comment:<< hahaha that was funny

Oh look. It’s my life in one picture

Oh look. It’s my life in one picture