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Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles Teen Choice Awards 2013

Ed Sheeran in a Captain America shirt, messing with Harry Styles. If you know me at all, you know that this picture is everything I love in life.

Ed Sheeran & Harry Styles. Two favorite people

Ed Sheeran and his godson

Ed Sheeran + baby = :)

Celebrities then and now...

Celebrities then and now...

Damn it, Kristen Stewart passes better than I do, and as far as I know, she's not even queer?

Why does the location of harrys hand on gemma make me find this picture even more adorable? The world may never no.

I love Gem like a Sister❤️ Docherty Docherty Styles

I think i had a dream like this once... yeah it was a nice dream....i think I'll go cry now that reality kicked  had kicked in... *sigh

Liam and Harry visiting Machu Picchu

Ed Sheeran

So cute! :) Ed Sheeran ♥<< Her face! This is so cute!

Harry Styles | Carpool Karaoke | emrosefeld |

Harry can pull anything off😻😻 Literally just give him some old rags he's gonna make them look like they are limited edition gucci🙌

Omg Harry if you read this, I had a dream that u was just walking around in a mall and all of the sudden I see you exiting a store so I scream "HARRY!" And run over to you and give you a hug ! :) I wish that could come true! Haha @Harry Styles

Jess † on

Ugh he kills me ! His freakin smile . Dude look at him , I love he is absolutely perfect and ugh I just want to know him personally I feel like we would clique and have a connection as friends love you babe !

15 Amistades entre celebridades de Hollywood que demuestran que los 'bromances' existen

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We'll this was long ago... No tattoos the feels :')

Kinda miss pre tattoo harry

Ed Sheeran wrote a song called 'Little Things' when he was 15 and gave it to One Direction to produce as a single.

Harry and Ed friendship appreciation post

ok could he be more perfect?

Harry at the Dunkirk premiere in NYC

"18" Might Be Your New Favorite One Direction Song (and Not Just Because Ed Sheeran Wrote It)

"18" Might Be Your New Favorite One Direction Song (and Not Just Because Ed Sheeran Wrote It)

Might Be Your New Favorite One Direction Song (and Not Just Because Ed Sheeran Wrote It) but because they are all angels and sound perfect ❤️ and I love these boys no matter what

Harry and Ed Goodmorning kids ... my head hurts

Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran at iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas


Intimate portraits of Indian paupers reveal face of poverty

The Old Lady (Jaipur, India) by Roberto Pazzi Photography on