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Season 6 Episode 8: Alma, Santana and Brittany

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"A Wedding" - Alma, Santana and Brittany



Glee, a show about what people think and feel, cleverly disguised by comedy and musical numbers.

Insecurity quotes from Glee

Greatest bromance of all time.

I Don't Agree, Mark shouldn't have had it, it should have gone to Lea

@18gskellenger holy fuck why they gotta do this!?

Rest in Peace Cory Monteith.



Santana knows

She says it like shweet😂😂


Glee- The Quarterback Heartbreaking episode,i didn't crie my i eyes out but my heart was broken when i found out that he died i watched glee because i liked it but now i watch it because it truly is the best show out there

#Brittana feels again

Aw Glee and Dear Evan Hansen crossover!

Gotta love the hawt Glee Cast.

Gotta love the hawt Glee Cast. The gay squad

:) Blaine is like the quinessential alpha gay...awesome

blaine loves football and kurt loves scarves and I love klaine.

Glee Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson

"And then we're gonna get married, and we're gonna live happily ever after." aww Finn and Rachel = flawless couple

#Glee 6x08 "A Wedding" - Santana and her grandmother

Season 6 Episode Santana and Abuela

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Background Brittana and Glee

#Glee 6x06 "What the World Needs Now" - Brittany and Santana grandmother Alma Lopez

"What the World Needs Now" - Brittany and Santana grandmother Alma Lopez

This 2 second clip makes me laugh out loud every time I see it!

My OTP’s include: CrissColfer {Chris Colfer & Darren Criss}, Klaine {Kurt Hummel & Blaine Anderson} from: “Glee”, Coliver {Connor Walsh & Oliver Hampton} from: “How To Get Away With.