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Natascha Ratzlaff
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When an artist mixes two science fiction franchises like Star Wars and Predator, I'd have bet good money that the resulting piece would include Arnold Schwarzenegger in some way. The possibilities are seemingly endless: something titled "SchwarzeVader" instantly comes to mind, but I could easily imagine a piece of fan art that reimagines Arnold as a comical C-3PO or a ripped Luke Skywalker. But artist JP Valderrama (via XombieDirge) had something different in mind: a meeting of bounty ...

Trophy by The Fresh Doodle on Deviant Art. Between two hunters there will always be one victim / prey, the result of my previous Boba Fett / Predator crossover piece "Locked in" 

Cosplayer StarbitCosplay looking beautiful as Tauriel from The Hobbit

“ Tauriel, Daughter of the Forest, Captain of the Guard. ” Tauriel is definitely my favorite cosplay to date, so please excuse all the spam! Here’s the masterpost with all the pictures from the shoot.

Ysera Cosplay by on @DeviantArt

So we're finally finished the Ysera photoshoot aswell! This time our model was Shayola Artwork in her awesome Ysera cosplay, with three supporters, my.