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Increase my sales

I need to increase my sales. That’s the most common want of every business owner. You’ll need to offer a top-notch service to do this. Aftermarket sales can be lucrative if you can establish client loyalty through providing a first-class customer service. This promotes word-of-mouth advertising. Do you respond to customer queries by telephone or Email quickly? But how will this increase my sales? I hear you say. Well, loyal customers are the backbone of all successful businesses. It is…

This Strategic Plan, outlining our vision, core values, and strategies, will . Concept Of Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, Core Values, Business Planning, School Design, Economics, No Response, Infographic, Organization
Core ValuesBusiness PlanningSchool DesignNo Response

Concepts of entrepreneurship

I originally wrote this article, “Concepts of entrepreneurship” in March 2004. Entrepreneur traits, creativity, innovation, business planning and growth management are five of the main concepts of entrepreneurship. Lists of characteristics common to entrepreneurs have been published by many authors but others suggest that previous experiences are more important. Entrepreneurial creativity requires a paradigm shift and there are many techniques available to help the entrepreneur to see things…

I originally wrote this article, “Small enterprises” in October 2003 CASE STUDY : BURT’S BEES An opportunity is defined as consisting o.

Strategic management

I originally wrote this article, “Strategic management” in April 2004. SUMMARY A business strategy is to be implemented for Élan Boats using animplementation framework. My prior work identified the strengths,weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing Élan. These analyses werepreviously summarized to enable strategic options to be considered forthe implementation of the chosen business strategy. Threestrategies were previously identified for Élan using the BCGgrowth-share matrix, KSF…

I originally wrote this article, “Small enterprises” in October 2003 CASE STUDY : BURT’S BEES An opportunity is defined as consisting o.

Small enterprises

I originally wrote this article, “Small enterprises” in October 2003 CASE STUDY : BURT’S BEES An opportunity is defined as consisting of an idea and other components.The following enterprise case study allows comparison with othercompanies in the industry and shows little investment, small marketshare, low wages and low productivity for Burt’s Bees. It is explainedthat the company's success is due to it's uniqueness, Roxanne'squalities, her family, marketing and resource management. The…

I originally wrote this article, “Small enterprises” in October 2003 CASE STUDY : BURT’S BEES An opportunity is defined as consisting o.

Venture opportunity screening

I originally wrote this article, “Venture opportunity screening” in November 2003. Anopportunity has been screened for the export of handcrafted goods fromSingapore and the venture appears attractive. New technology and newbusiness processes are used by the venture to provide small retailersof antiques clocks, gifts, handicrafts and home décor with handcraftedgoods from Asia by 15 Kg air parcels, delivered in 7 days. The averagevalue of each consignment is S$800 and credit card payment, with…

Russell Davison: Span of control

Span of control

From my experience, an optimal span of control is seven sub-ordinates. At lower levels of the organization, however, where there is less interlocking, or where responsibility is concerned more with the performance of specific tasks, the span of control may be larger. It varies widely in different organizations from three to twenty. A number factors influence the limit of span of control and these include: - Technology (Cell phones, email, and other forms of technology that facilitate…

Are Your Social Media Sales Leads Flawed by a False Premise

How do I increase my sales?

How do I increase my sales? That’s the premier question being asked by every business owner. There is no simple list of activities to answer the question. It depends if the need is to solve an immediate difficulty or a long standing problem. How do I increase my sales if I lose a major customer, if the market contracts, or if a new competitor takes business away from me? The answer lies in the cause of the low sales and the speed needed in rectifying the situation. A different approach is…

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How to save money

Learning how to save money is an essential life skill. It’s important that you do some training in this topic because whole industries are built around taking money away from gullible members of the public by commercially astute service providers and retailers. The high street can be a financially dangerous place for the unsuspecting individual. Bankers, mortgage providers, mobile phone plan sellers, and internet service providers don’t like it when you know how to save money by shopping…

Give a Christmas Jar or Anonymous Money Jar. The Christmas Jar tradition started in 2005 by author Jason F. Wright with his family. He went on to publish his family's idea in the book Christmas Jars which became a New York Times Best Selling Book. Mason Jar Art, Mason Jar Crafts, Traditions To Start, Holiday Traditions, Christmas Jars, Christmas Time, Christmas Ideas, Christmas Gifts, Christmas Blessings
Mason Jar ArtChristmas GiftsChristmas Blessings

Ways to save

It’s a fact that if you budget your finances then you reap rewards. You are able to boost your investments and reduce your borrowings. Consequently, more people are adopting the habit of budgeting. Nevertheless, you need to be on guard, and keep away from regular mistakes that many people who rely upon a budget still make. The biggest culprit of your budget deviations is your credit card. It’s so easy for you to make an impulse purchase if you have a credit card in your pocket. Use your…

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How to budget

Do you know how to budget and avoid having money worries? For it to work, you must stick to the budget that you make. All budgets are made by the same, easy to understand, method. Your financial plan has only two columns but may contain many rows. The left-most column of the budget is for your earnings. Your expenses are listed in the right-most column. The left-hand column sum is always made to equal the right-hand column total. If the income line sub-total is bigger than the outgoings…

Loans For People With Bad Credit Yes, even if you have a poor credit record you can still apply for a loan through certain loan providers.

Credit card debt

Are credit card debt problems haunting you? The cards do give a handy way of getting credit to buy goods or borrow money. They give flexibility and, if you use them correctly, they have a variety of helpful advantages, including consumer protection. However, you’ll be liable to pay interest if you can’t fully pay your credit balance monthly. These interest rates vary significantly from 17% APR to 35% APR. So, if you aren’t able to fully pay-off your card balance every month, you could reduce…

Most people think wills do three specific things. Most people are wrong, and their heirs will pay the price for their mistake. New Business Ideas, Business Opportunities, Business News, Recruitment Agencies, Business Analyst, Business Professional, Seo Services, Training Programs, Free Photos
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Need a business coach?

Is a business coach the answer to your problem? Do you need to reduce costs, improve customer service, boost productivity, increase profitability, or enhance quality? These are all fields where gains can be made with the help of a business coach. They can support you to progress the success of your enterprise. Goal setting, time management, leadership, and teamwork can all be enriched. This can be done through individual tuition, group sessions, and seminars. The role of the business coach…

Grant Ravenscroft, an entrepreneur and lover of all things luxurious, opened the doors of his shop Croft & Co. in Parkview, Johanesburg in He asked business coach Greg Mason to help him increase his profitability.

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