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Lopskull-hide City by *LopSkull on deviantART

lopskull hide city by LopSkull in Digital Painting - fantasy art. Great Idea for a game/movie. building city on a sleeping giant! But what will happen when the giant awakes?

This is *literally* a scene from Truthwitch. The artist and I are clearly in neural drift. (The Art Of Animation, Kekai Kotaki)

Kekai Kotaki - Quintessence by David Walton; Tor, March Best Of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art: The Chesley Award Finalists!

Giant Crab

Cleaveclaw Crab: While the forests of Terrafell are notoriously dangerous, the oceans house the true horrors. Cleaveclaw Crabs are capable of splitting a full-grown shark in half effortlessly and sport an armored shell that laughs at earth-shaking attacks

many armed monster / horror / fantasy / clawed / big red eye / creepy / scary / otherwordly