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Silk Plants

Collection by SheilaShrubs.com

Nearly Natural Large Boston Fern Hanging Basket Silk Plants Home Decor Floral Silk Plants, Fake Plants, Artificial Plants, Indoor Plants, Indoor Outdoor, Indoor Hammock, Outdoor Pots, Green Plants, Tropical Plants

Large Boston Fern Hanging Basket. The Boston Fern is one of nature's best-loved ferns. The reasons are obvious - it's big, billowy, has pretty stems and leaves reach out and dip downward in a pleasing effect... no wonder they are used to decorate worldwide. This large Boston Fern hanging basket perfectly personifies everything we love about this plant, with the bonus of never needing water or sun. Makes a great gift as well. #bostonfern #silkplant #hanging basket

9 Simple and Impressive Tips and Tricks: Small Artificial Plants artificial flowers pink.Artificial Grass Swatch artificial plants living room crate and barrel. Artificial Plants And Trees, Artificial Plant Wall, Artificial Turf, Fake Plants, Artificial Flowers, Plants Indoor, Floor Plants, Star Wars, Silk Plants

3' Onion Grass Plant. Everyone loves the dense, bold beauty of onion grass. But, of course, it's tough to grow, and then there's the matter of those little onion bulbs that definitely have that onion odor. Well, here's all the good, with none of the bad. Standing three feet in height, this Onion Grass piece is full of lush, straight stalks, without the "oniony" smell. Plus, it'll stay that way for years, with nary a drop of water. #oniongrass #silkplant

Nearly Natural Mixed Grass & Fern Artificial Arrangement in Decorative Planter - Green Silk Plants, Fake Plants, Artificial Plants, Inside Plants, Green Plants, Bamboo Planter, Wood Planters, Fern Plant, Plant Leaves

Mixed Grass & Fern w/Decorative Planter. Some plant combinations really work well together, like this exceptional "tall grass and fern" pairing. The thick, bold fern leaves cascade up and outward, and are topped by a smattering of wispy grass stalks. To be honest, this piece looks like "nature's fountain", except this fountain will never need water! Perfect for an office entryway, a den, living room, or anywhere else a splash of green is needed. Comes in a decorative planter. #silkplants

3 Intuitive Tricks: Natural Home Decor Apartment Therapy natural home decor rustic inspiration.Natural Home Decor Feng Shui Tips natural home decor wood living rooms.Natural Home Decor Rustic Inspiration. Luz Artificial, Small Artificial Plants, Artificial Plant Wall, Artificial Flowers, Feng Shui, Indoor Trees, Indoor Plants, Hacks, Bamboo Planter

#Grass w/Cattails & Bamboo Planter. We love it when grass grows tall. Throw in a few "cattails", and you have that perfect "unspoiled meadow" look. That's exactly what this piece personifies - the splendor of long, windswept grass, accented by fluffy cattails ready to dance in the breeze. Wrapping this piece up is a beautiful bamboo planter that is a sight on its own. Ideal for both home or office, this lovely piece makes a great gift as well. #cattails #silkplant

Dieffenbachia and Ivy in Decorative Planter - Overstock™ Shopping - Great Deals on Nearly Natural Silk Plants Ivy Plants, Fake Plants, Artificial Plants, Plants Indoor, Indoor Garden, Decorative Planters, Ivy Leaf, Age, Topiary

#Dieffenbachia & Ivy w/Decorative Planter. A bold combination that simply "works", this Dieffenbachia and Ivy pairing will jazz up any area it adorns. The sharp angles of the ivy leaves contrast wonderfully with the bold, leafy Dieffenbachia, creating a look that is one part wild, and one part reserved. Perfectly displayed in a decorative planter, this wonderful specimen will never need a drop of water. Makes a thoughtful (and eclectic) gift as well. #silkplanter

Nearly Natural 45 in. H Golden Dieffenbachia with Decorative - Floor Plants - Ideas of Floor Plants - Nearly Natural 45 in. H Golden Dieffenbachia with Decorative Planter Silk Plants, Faux Plants, Pot Plants, Plants Indoor, Outdoor Plants, Fake Plants Decor, Plant Decor, Cool Ideas, Artificial Tree

Golden Dieffenbachia w/Decorative Planter. One of our more profound offerings, this striking Golden #Dieffenbachia stands a full 45" high (that's almost four feet tall!) An ideal accent plant for any home or office, it offers a unique, "leafy" look that only a Golden Dieffenbachia can bring. Comes complete with a beautiful, ornate planter that perfectly balances the look. Makes an ideal housewarming or "grand opening" gift as well. #silkplant

The Wild Grass Arrangements from Nearly Natural add year round texture and greenery to your home. With exceptional realism, this decorative wild grass drapes over the elegant white vases, accenting any room with a stunning fresh look. Silk Plants, Fake Plants, Types Of Plants, Artificial Plants, White Planters, White Vases, Blue Vases, Hacks, Faux Grass

Wild Grass w/White Vase (Set of 3.) Wild grass comes in many forms and textures. Some grow high, and others stay low. This wild grass set is of the latter type, with the blades sprouting up and over the included decorative planters. The green of the grass perfectly accents the white of the vases, making for a very versatile decorating piece. Plus, this is a set of three, so you can put one here, there, and everywhere! #wildgrass #silkplants

Artificial Wreath -Mixed Succulent Wreath and Spheres-Set of 3 Types Of Succulents, Faux Succulents, Hanging Succulents, Succulent Wreath, Silk Plants, Traditional Furniture, Fall Wreaths, Faux Flowers, Artificial Plants

Mixed Succulent Wreath & Spheres (Set of 3.) For those who can't decide what "type" of succulent to get, why not get them all? This mixed set includes two succulent spheres one 5" and the other 7"), and a succulent wreath as well which measures 9"). This means you can have a cornucopia of "succulent" decor, for as long as you wish (since these are faux, they never dry out.) Makes an ideal kitchen / dining room piece, and also makes a great gift. #silkplants

Mixed Succulent with Black Planter (Set of - Traditional - Artificial Plants And Trees - by Quality Silk Plants Artificial Plants And Trees, Fake Plants, Little Plants, Artificial Flowers, Indoor Plants, Black Planters, Succulent Bouquet, Silk Plants, Black House

Mixed Succulent w/Black Planter (Set of 2). Mixed Succulents are so pretty, aren't they? It's not just the colors - it's the shapes, the textures, and the way their look personifies their name. We've taken the best of the best for this arrangement, and placed them in a beautiful black planter. Best of all, we'll double your enjoyment by making this a set of two. Ideal for home, office, or even as a thoughtful (if eclectic) gift. #succulents #silkplants

Crazy Tips and Tricks: Natural Home Decor Living Room Woods natural home decor feng shui tao.Natural Home Decor Feng Shui Tao natural home decor diy essential oils.All Natural Home Decor Living Rooms. Small Artificial Plants, Artificial Plant Wall, Artificial Succulents, Artificial Flowers, Green Home Decor, Natural Home Decor, White Planters, White Vases, Flower Planters

Mixed Succulent w/White Planter (Set of 2). #Succulents are known the world over for their pretty shapes and varied textures. This arrangement really brings those qualities out front and center. The leafy greens explode forth from the included white planter, ensuring you never see the same shape twice. best of all, this is a set of two, so your decorating options double. Ideal for any home decor, or office reception area. Makes a fine gift, too. #silkplants

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30" Mixed Succulent w/White Planter. Ok, we're used to combining different color, shapes, and textures, but even we're impressed with the look of this mixed succulent plant. Combining some of the very best nature has to offer, we mix the tall, the short, the pointy, and the wispy to create a mix that will delight you for years to come. Perfect for an entryway, a desk, a corner table, or anywhere else that needs a dose of personality. #silkplants

Nearly Natural Mixed Succulent Hanging Spheres (Set of Mixed Succulent Hanging Spheres (Set of Green (Plastic) Artificial Plants And Trees, Artificial Floral Arrangements, Hanging Succulents, Silk Plants, Types Of Plants, Faux Flowers, Decorative Accessories, Planting Flowers, Garland

7" Mixed Succulent Hanging Spheres (Set of 2.) Two is always better than one. So with that in mind, we've doubled the beauty with these mixed succulent spheres. These small "explosions of color" are just the right size for hanging anywhere. The interesting succulent blooms combine with faux berries making for a unique look that appears different on every viewing. And because they'll stay beautiful forever, they make a great gift for that hard to buy for person. #succulents

Nearly Natural Bamboo Sticks (Set Of - The Nearly Natural Bamboo Sticks can be used in countless ways to add a natural and earthy essence to your living space. This set of 36 sticks are the perfect item for anyone into plants, gardening, or decorating. Bamboo Palm, Bamboo Tree, Bamboo Fence, Silk Plants, Fake Plants, Potted Trees, Flowering Trees, Hanging Succulents, Hanging Plants

#Bamboo Sticks (Set of 36.) There are countless uses for Bamboo sticks, which is why we offer sets of 36. This bundle of sticks is the perfect item for anyone into plants, gardening, decorating, or crafts. A full 59" long (that's an inch shy of 5 feet), these bamboo sticks are strong, light, and ready for whatever use you have planned for them. Buy several bundles and never run out. #silkplants

Nearly Natural 4124 Grass Decorative Silk Plant Indoor/Outdoor, Mixed Pot Size x Perfect for any home or office Set in a Greco-Roman inspired vase Simply grass and a splash of pastel color Artificial Plants And Trees, Artificial Plant Wall, Fake Plants, Artificial Flowers, Indoor Plants, Indoor Outdoor, Outdoor Privacy, Outdoor Pots, Artificial Turf

Mixed Grass Silk Plant (Indoor/Outdoor). Who would think grass could look so beautiful? This wonderfully designed 13" high arrangement takes the regular look of grass, adds a generous splash of pastel color on top to make something truly elegant and a joy to behold. Set in a Greco-Roman inspired vase it's a great addition to any living environment. Best of all, you'll never worry about the grass drying out (or mowing it!) #silkplant #garden #grass

Grass & White Floral w/White Planter (Indoor/Outdoor) A pretty white bowl-shaped planter overflowing with (faux) Lavender Bush. The Grass & White Floral w/White Planter is a delicate combination that looks beautiful today and will look this way for years. Silk Plants, Bamboo Plants, Fake Plants, Outdoor Plants, Artificial Plants, Indoor Outdoor, Outdoor Ideas, Tropical Floral Arrangements, Silk Flower Arrangements

White Grass and White Floral w/White Planter (Indoor/Outdoor). Here's something you don’t see every day. A pretty white bowl-shaped planter overflowing with (faux) Lavender Bush. The green blades provide a wispy base from which the white blooms emerge. It's a delicate combination that not only looks beautiful today, but will retain its lush beauty for years to come. #grass #silkplant #artificialplant #gardendecor

Mixed Mini Daisy Silk Plant (Indoor/Outdoor) comes with decorative pot. The Mixed Mini Daisy Silk Plant displays the mini daisy perfectly with the plethora of gently rising leaves and tiny flowery shoots , makes a wonderful gift. Great for home & office! Silk Plants, Fake Plants, Artificial Plants, Indoor Plants, Indoor Outdoor, Garden Plants, House Plants, Outdoor Decor, Big Garden

Mixed Mini Daisy Silk Plant (Indoor/Outdoor). A simple plant that adds so much to any type of environment, this beautiful mini daisy silk plant is certain to bring a smile to anyone’s face. With its gentle rising leaves, and tiny, flowery shoots, this makes for a wonderful gift to share with your friends and loved ones (or just to keep one for yourself). A certain classic anywhere you go. Comes with a decorative pot. #daisy #silkplant #artificialplant #garden