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An overview of 2015 winning World Press photos
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Spectators watch play on Court 4, at the Wimbledon Championships. Spectators unable to secure tickets to any of the major show courts at the Wimbledon Championships may make do with a Grounds Admission pass. This entitles them to wander around the outside tennis courts, where there are unreserved seats and standing is allowed. Even so, capacity is limited, and at times spectators may only be admitted as others leave. Most players, except the top seeds, can at some point during the…

World Press photo, Daily Life , prize stories , Sarker Protick WHAT REMAINS The last photograph of John and Prova together

World Press photo, 2015, Daily Life , 2nd prize stories , Sarker Protick WHAT REMAINS The last photograph of John and Prova together

Malin Fezehai - 2015 The wedding of an Eritrean couple, who came to Israel as refugees, is celebrated in Haifa. There are around African asylum seekers in Israel, mostly from Eritrea and Sudan. Travel Around The World, Around The Worlds, Brooklyn, World Press Photo, Eritrean, Photo Awards, Photo Store, Powerful Images, Instagram Blog

World Press 2015, Daily Life, 3rd prize singles , Malin Fezehai ERITREAN WEDDING 12 April 2014 Haifa, Israel The wedding of two Eritreans who came to Israel as refugees. They are among about 50,000 African asylum seekers living in Israel, mostly from Eritrea and Sudan. In December 2013, the Israeli Knesset added an amendment to the “Anti-Infiltration” law requiring asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan to be detained for at least a year and then placed indefinitely in an open detention…

Orphan Brothers by Asa Sjostrom won second prize in the daily life singles category. Twin brothers Igor and Arthur hand out chocolates to their classmates to celebrate their ninth birthday in an orphanage in Moldova.

World Press photo 2015, Daily Life, 2nd prize singles , Åsa Sjöström BIRTHDAY CHOCOLATE Igor hands out chocolate to a friend on his ninth birthday. When he and his twin brother Arthur were two years old, their mother traveled to Moscow to work in the construction field and later died. They have no father. They are among thousands of children growing up without their parents in the Moldovan countryside. Young people have fled the country, leaving a dwindling elderly population and young…

World Press Photo 2015 – Zdjęcie Roku: Jon i Alex / fot. Mads Nissen / World Press Photo

2015, World Press Photo of the Year, Contemporary Issues , 1st prize singles , Mads Nissen Jon, 21, and Alex, 25, a gay couple, during an intimate moment. Life for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) people is becoming increasingly difficult in Russia. Sexual minorities face legal and social discrimination, harassment, and even violent hate-crime attacks from conservative religious and nationalistic groups.

Andi Schmied and Sofia Valiente: a sense of abandonment links a deserted Chinese city and a Floridian sex offenders' village

World Press photo 2015, Portraits , 1st prize stories , Sofia Valiente MIRACLE VILLAGE 21 December 2013 Pahokee, Florida, USA Pahokee, Florida, USA Gene laying down for a nap with his dog Killer. "Only a fool would truly trust anyone if you are a sex offender," he says.

Miracle Village by Sofia Valiente / Fabrica wins the prize stories, Portraits, of the World Press Photo !

World Press photo 2015, Portraits , 1st prize stories , Sofia Valiente MIRACLE VILLAGE 21 December 2013 Pahokee, Florida, USA Rose, sitting outside of the church. "People judge you, you're a monster," says Rose. "I am the only female here who is a registered sex offender. I can go to court and pay hundreds of dollars to get it taken away, but it doesn't bother me now. All these guys look to me as a sister."

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2015, Portraits , 3rd prize singles , Lisa Krantz Disco girl San Antonio, Texas, USA Amorie West, 8, adjusts her gloves for a Halloween party at her housing complex.

World press photo Laurinda Raphaela Rosella Portraits 2015 prize singles Laurinda waits in her purple dress for the bus that will take her to Sunday School. Documentary Photographers, Female Photographers, Les Oscars, World Press Photo, British Journal Of Photography, Photo Awards, Portraits, Contemporary Photography, Street Photo
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World Press photo 2015, Portraits , 1st prize singles , Raphaela Rosella