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How to Actually Get Things Done with Your To-do List

How to Actually Get Stuff Done with Your To-do List List-making is a pretty personal thing. Some of us border on obsessive, organizing even our bathroom runs into a series of numbered bullet points.

SmoothLifeL cellular automaton...

My implementation of the SmoothLifeL cellular automaton.


A description of neural network technologies and their applicability to artificial intelligence and preservation of the mind.

Models of visual cortex - Scholarpedia

Models of visual cortex - Scholarpedia

Recurrent (or Feedback) networks can have signals traveling in both directions by introducing loops in the network. Feedback networks are powerful and can get extremely complicated. Computations derived from earlier input are fed back into the network, which gives them a kind of memory. Feedback networks are dynamic; their 'state' is changing continuously until they reach an equilibrium point. They remain at the equilibrium point until the input changes and a new equilibrium needs to be…

What is the difference between a feed-forward and recurrent neural network? Do other network topologies exist?


Every tech guy in my office has to take a seminar on some something software engineering or science related topic. I took the topic Cellular Automata.