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This fills me full of WONDER and DREAD! Balloon installation (Heart Beat) at Covent Garden, London, by Charles Pétillon.

by French Graffiti Artist Nelio

Nelio - Urban Street Art

Intervista allo street artist Nelio window, signage on shop window, window decals, branding, typography

smiling house

Sometimes faces can be hidden in the most unassuming places. Here are 25 funny human-looking faces that have b.

La Iglesia Skate

A 100-Year-Old Church Transformed Into A Skate Park Painted With Colorful Graffiti

A historic church in the Spanish city of llanera was transformed into a skate-park earlier this year by La Iglesia Skate; titled Kaos Temple, it has now undergone a second, more colorful transformation at the hands of street-artist Okuda San Miguel.

mlle hipolyte recreates a tropical jungle with hand-cut paper pieces

the mural replicates the lush and diverse assortment of botanical and animal life found in a rainforest environment. The post mlle hipolyte recreates a tropical jungle with hand-cut paper pieces appeared first on designboom

Djerba Hood Tunesien

Ein Dorf mit Street Art internationaler Künstler


Hawaiian surfer and painter Sean Yoro, aka Hula, chooses abandoned spaces and untouched building façades only accessible by water to paint bathing ladies.

mlle hipolyte tropical jungle wall installation

mlle hipolyte recreates a tropical jungle with hand-cut paper pieces

Street art created with… old doors

Street art created with... old doors

Belgium-based artist Stefaan De Croock, aka Strook, has created large-scaled mural using discarded wooden doors.

Banksy's new amusement park, called Dismaland, is dark, funny, and topical -- everything you'd expect from the controversial street artist.

Dismaland: Banksy's grim new art theme park

After days of mounting speculation, Banksy has unveiled his new UK show based in Weston-super-Mare’s derelict Tropicana building.

This Cinderella piece -- taken inside of the decrepit castle at the center of the park, riffs on the death of Princess Diana.

Dismaland: Banksy's grim new art theme park

This exhibit tells a lot about our society. A Look Inside Banksy's 'Dismaland,' The Bleakest Amusement Park Ever

belarus bus stops

Painted bus stops in Belarus

Who’d have thought public transportation could also double as public art? In her series ‘It Must Be Beautiful’, photographer Alexandra Soldatova travels ar

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