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Neues aus der Gotik, Gotik, Hochgotik, Mittelalter, Rekonstruktion, Almosenbeutel, Messer, Sachkultur, Einsteiger, Living History, Darstellung

dagger sheath fittings from Hameln (left) and Dordrecht (right)

Terra Teutonica 1360-1440's photos

Terra Teutonica 1360-1440's photos

Dominic Sewell at Schaffhausen 2014 (photo from The Wallace Collection) The Jousting Life

News, photos, videos and information about contemporary competitive jousting tournaments and other aspects of the new/old extreme sport of jousting.

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Aufbau eines Gartenweges mit Pflaster und Bodenplatten

Aufbau eines Gartenweges mit Pflaster und Bodenplatten


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Photo : Beaked visor, open, detail from bascinet with pig faced snout (visor) and chain mail, 1350-1360, made in Milan, Italy, 14th century

Voir Photo de Beaked Visor Open Detail From Bascinet With Pig Faced Snout And Chain Mail 13501360 Made In Milan Italy Century.