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Swimming in Bern Switzerland Bern, People Running, Run Around, Short Stories, Swimming, Train, Places, Swim, Lugares
Switzerland BernSwimmingTrainPlacesLugares

Swimming in Bern

I come out of the train in Bern, the warm air hits my face. People run around me holding groceries and suitcases, pushing kid's strollers or eating a sandwich on the way to their train. It's been unaturally warm in Switzerland on the last days of August; most people look fed up with the heat.…

Vejer de la Frontera White Houses, Short Stories, Flower Pots, Places, Travel, White Homes, Planters, Lugares, Trips
White HousesFlower PotsPlacesPlantersLugares

Vejer de la Frontera

A high green hill, covered with small white houses. The road going up is narrow and full of turns. It got even narrower when we got at the village, the car's side mirrors almost touching the houses' walls. Houses which were painted white, forming a labyrinth. Gardens full of flower pots, blasting with colour, hidden…

The Seas & Dunes of Tarifa Linen Dresses, Seas, Short Stories, Dune, Places, Water, Travel, Outdoor, Water Water

The Seas & Dunes of Tarifa

The smell of the sea. The Atlantic on the one side, the Mediterranean sea on the other. Surfers, flowers, dunes, dolphins, whales. Helicopters flying over the sea at night, scanning the dark waters with bright lights. Deserted tapa bars. Fishermen. Palm trees. Welcome to Tarifa. I've never heard of this town before. We have seen…

Under swiss skies Sometimes I Wonder, How To Get Warm, Short Stories, Sky, River, Places, Outdoor, Heaven, Outdoors
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Under Swiss skies

"You know, sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't quit my job. The pregnancy came as a surprise, and I wanted to keep her, but I shouldn't have quit". Pause. She is smoking, staring at the lake. The beer is getting warm on the table, birds are singing in the background, the…

Vienna! It's Windy, Famous Monuments, Beautiful Buildings, Vienna, Short Stories, Big Ben, Facade, Art Nouveau, Mansions


Beautiful buildings wherever you look. Palaces and mansions and theaters and more palaces. Art nouveau facades, statutes, big parks, old trams, openness. Welcome to Vienna. It's windy and cold, so wrap up, we are going for a walk. It's not the big sites, the most famous monuments, the most hip bars that make a city…

First snow in Vaud First Snow, Lausanne, Short Stories, Old Things, House Styles, Places, Travel, Lugares, Trips

First snow in Vaud

"How old is she?" "83 or 84, I can't really remember anymore." "And she lives alone up there, all alone?" "For more than 20 years now, right after the divorce with her second husband. She rented out her flat in Lausanne, she gave away most of her clothes and furniture, took 2 suitcases, 2 trains…

Spinalonga Good Old Times, Short Stories, Romantic, Places, Water, Travel, Outdoor, Water Water, Outdoors
Good Old TimesRomanticPlacesOutdoorOutdoors


"The good old times, they say. When people were dinning under candle light, marrying once for ever after, had no mobile phones or computers. The good old times, when they had no antibiotics, vaccines, access to education, information. But I guess that's not such a romantic thought now, is it?" he said, looking at Spinalonga…

Balos of Crete Small Plants, Crete, Short Stories, Paths, Travel, Outdoor, Outdoors, Trips, Viajes
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Balos of Crete

"Watch out!" The warning came too late. I was already sliding down the hill, the sharp small rocks cutting in my flesh, desperately trying to hold on to the small plants on the sides of the path. Looking like a bug that flipped by accident and was sliding on its back, helpless. After 5 meters…

Troglodytes in Purullena Troglodytes, Short Stories, Monument Valley, Places, Travel, Lugares, Trips, Viajes, Traveling
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Troglodytes in Purullena

"Stop!!!" she screamed at me. I almost got off my lane, the car's wheel turned sharply when I jumped in the driver's seat. "What the hell?!" "Stop, stop, please!" There was an exit from the motorway in 100 meters, I flashed and pulled over. I stopped the car, my heart still pounding. "I saw something…

The rock of Gibraltar Rock Of Gibraltar, The Rock, Short Stories, Places, Water, Travel, Outdoor, Water Water, Outdoors
The RockPlacesOutdoorOutdoors

The rock of Gibraltar

Let me take you somewhere you have never been before. Up on a rock which stands next to the sea, green and magnificent. No, we are not alone here and we're just uninvited guests. That's their home and we're intruding, so be kind and quiet. But beware, for they like to harass you when you…

The colours of Scotland

The colours of Scotland

He took my hand in Ardross Street and held it tight for long. Petals were covering the paths, my eyes kept looking low. He told me his land was the land of myths and thrills and beasts and castles; all I could see was sun and spring. His eyes were glowing bright, his voice was…