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Fürstenlager Beautiful World, Beautiful Places, Away We Go, Country Roads, Cabin, Architecture, House Styles, City, Travelling

Fürstenlager - TomFear

Near the german town Bensheim is a recreation area close to the town, called Fürstenlager. A good friend of mine celebrated his wedding at this beautiful place. I reached the location at the evening before and took the chance for a late photowalk at the sunset. It was the right decision and I could see …

The stave church of Heddal - TomFear Wooden Buildings, Norway, Medieval, Cities, Old Things, Architecture, Image, Arquitetura, Mid Century

The stave church of Heddal - TomFear

This is one of the oldest still existing stave church in norway. It was probably built in the 13. century, there is no exactly date when it was built. Of the 750 documented stave churches existing in the medieval are only 28 left until now. These fully wooden buildings constructions are an interpretation of the …

Weinheim at sunset How To Take Photos, Small Towns, Street View, Architecture, City, Fresco, Image, Arquitetura, Fresh

Weinheim at sunset - TomFear

One year ago, me and my wife were invited to a wedding in the beautiful small town, called Weinheim near Frankfurt in Germany. Of course I was photographing this event :). At the day before, after our arrival, I saw this nice alley with the restaurant and I couldn’t resist to take a photo of …

Wiener Hofburg Notre Dame, Mansions, House Styles, City, Austria, Building, Travel, Image, Vienna

Wiener Hofburg - TomFear

Two years ago my wife booked tickets for a circus in Vienna. Unfortunately the circus was going bankrupt and our money for the circus was lost. And the booked flights and the hotel room was payed too. Hmmm, no circus but we can go for a visit in Vienna, in December when the sky is …

When the streets are still empty, are the photographers already at work Early Morning, Empty, Photographers, Cities, Mansions, Architecture, House Styles, Image, Arquitetura

Early morning - TomFear

When the streets are still empty, are the photographers already at work

The old church of Venasque, France. This is absolutely stunning. Absolutely Stunning, Provence, Old Things, France, Architecture, City, Image, Arquitetura, Cities

The old church of Venasque - TomFear

The picturesque church of Venasque

After work – Friday! Bergen, New Zealand, Norway, Beautiful Places, Have Fun, Friday, Architecture, City, Inspirational

After work - Friday! - TomFear

Quick, go out and enjoy this beautiful friday evening. Go out with your friends, take a drink and have fun! Like this people in Bergen, Norway we can go and sit outside in a mild spring evening. Okay if you life in New Zealand you may have already autumn and you are awaiting the first …

The fontain and the stars - TomFear Light Pollution, Alps, Cities, Castle, Stars, Architecture, Image, Arquitetura, Castles

The fontain and the stars - TomFear

Normally I shoot starscapes in the alps, because of the less light pollution. But who say it’s not possible to catch some stars in a city? I can see stars here, not so many like I do in the mountains but they are there. This fontain is in the castle garden of Weinheim in Germany. …

Atrium Atrium, Cities, To Go, Architecture, Pictures, Image, Arquitetura, Photos

Atrium - TomFear

The nightly walk through Vienna goes on. This time I can show you the inner part of the Hofburg, if you walking past the Hofreitschule then you come to this atrium. Normally are there a bunch of cars and people, but if you go at night, you can take pictures like nobody is living there. …

Stephansdom Barcelona Cathedral, Cities, Construction, Architecture, Building, Image, Arquitetura, Buildings, Architecture Design

Stephansdom - TomFear

You have only one chance to get a photo of an impressiv building and then this. There are framework on it and this needless lightning. Do you have ever made the same experience, to be in a city and the nice buildings are covert with construction frames? Well, however, this is the best image I …

Roses in the night - TomFear Cute Pictures, Beautiful Pictures, Nature Photos, Beautiful Places, Scenery, Castle, Mansions, Architecture, Night

Roses in the night - TomFear

If I’m in a city I can’t resist to go for a nightly photowalk, so I did it in the beautiful German city Weinheim. There is nice castle in middle of down town and directly behind it is the wonderful castle garden. There are people walking around, sitting there, drinking beer or what ever and …

Another famous building from Vienna, the Burgtheater. It is also a shot from my nightly photowalk through Vienna. Short text because the flu has catched me. Famous Buildings, Vienna, Cities, Louvre, Mansions, Architecture, House Styles, Travel, Image

Hofburgtheater - TomFear

Another famous building from Vienna, the Burgtheater. It is also a shot from my nightly photowalk through Vienna. Short text because the flu has catched me. I will try to write more tomorrow…