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Views from the winter wonderland

Tom Fear
All theses foggy and cloudy winter days Winter Day, Stand Tall, Mother Nature, Winter Wonderland, Clouds, Sunset, Flowers, Pictures, Outdoor

Fog and clouds - TomFear

All theses foggy and cloudy winter days

Bubu in the snow - TomFear Cold Day, Snow, Winter, Winter Time, Eyes, Winter Fashion, Let It Snow

Bubu in the snow - TomFear

One very cold day I was walking with my dog and my camera in a beautiful snowbound landsacpe, as I saw a colorful horizont after sunset. So I kneeling down to take an exposure series as my dog exeptionally sitting down and waits for me. Normaly he is nervously snooping around. A small interesting point: …

Early sunday wake up - TomFear Wake Up, Winter Wonderland, Sunrise, Sunday, Celestial, Glitter, Outdoor, Google, Outdoors

Early sunday wake up - TomFear

A sunday walk before the sunrise

Golden sunrays through the winter fog Winter Wonderland, Country Roads, Plants, Plant, Planets

Winter forest - TomFear

Golden sunrays through the winter fog

Merry Christmas Brand New Day, Holiday Wallpaper, Photomontage, Winter Holidays, Winter Wonderland, Paths, Merry Christmas, Fun, Life

Merry Christmas - TomFear

How was this photo created? Neither is it a photomontage nor is behind me a street or a village. I took this image at the Sämtisersee in the Alpstein. To reach this place I had to walk a steep path up to this high plateau and there was also no tree where I can photograph, …

Is it winter or not? Winter Wonderland, Plant Leaves, Sky, Plants, Heaven, Heavens, Plant, Planets

Is it winter or not? - TomFear

Sigh, all year the same here. It’s cold outside, the sky’s grey the paths are swampy and the whole day is it not really bright outside. I mean, okay, this December wasn’t that bad, but it would be much better when we’ve got snow outside. How much brighter and more friendly would it be with …

A happy New Year Wish Come True, Winter Wonderland, Happy New Year, Travel, Viajes, Destinations, Traveling, Trips, Happy New Year Wishes

A happy New Year - TomFear

I wish all my faithful reader a happy New Year! May all your wishes come true in 2014. Take this path and let you lead in a savety an peaceful 2014 with lots more beautiful photos. I see you all in the next year, that means tomorrow. And as I promissed you yesterday, I show …