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3DReid and Blue Forest Create School House That Can Rotate #treehouses

Rollable Houses

3dreid and Blue Forest - Architecture firm 3DReid and luxury treehouse makers Blue Forest have come together to teach the ordinary school house a new trick. Their new plan ...

The Baumraum Treehouses are an Upgrade from Childhood #treehouses

Eggy Treetecture

Baumraum Treehouses - People tend to remember treehouses as being part of the time their father failed miserably with a few pieces of wood and some nails in the backyard...

The Los Molles House is a Retreat for Grown-Ups #treehouses

Modern Tree Houses

Los Molles House - The Los Molles House looks like a modern treehouse for grown-ups. For anyone who had a treehouse when they were a kid, you know nothing compares to...

'The Sanctuary' from Artur Nesterenko is Built for Explorers #treehouses

Cliff-Clinging Treehouses

Artur Nesterenko - Artur Nesterenko's 'The Sanctuary' is one of the most baddass treehouses that I have seen in some time. 'The Sanctuary' is designed after the Ora t...

Baumraum Creates a Nature-Loving Haven #treehouses

Adult Jungle Treehouses

Baumraum - Baumraum is the cutting edge company that came up with this outstanding treehouse design. The German-based Baumraum company specializes in sustaina...

The Harad Treehotel Brings Back Childhood Memories #treehouses

Modern Tree Hospitality

harad treehotel - I’ve never had a treehouse nor do I have the time to build one, which is why the Harad Treehotel really caught my eye. The hotel is located ...

Hooch Bamboo Treehouses Have the World's Smallest Foundation #treehouses

Tip-Toe Treetop Towers

Hooch Bamboo Treehouses - The prevailing wisdom in most architecture is that a building's foundation is widest near the ground, but these Hooch Bamboo Treehouses turn that c...

The Finca Bellavista Housing Project Lets Residents Live in Eco Harmony #treehouses

Towering Ewok Treehouses

Finca Bellavista - The Finca Bellavista rainforest residential project is proof that residential habitation and rainforest habitats don’t have to be two mutual...

The O2 Sustainability Treehouse is a Recycled Retreat #treehouses

Geodesic Tree Homes

O2 Sustainability Treehouse - As amazing as it sounds, this O2 Sustainability Treehouse was designed and built by a 23 year old designer named Dustin Feider. After being inspir...

The Suppose Design House in Fukawa Encases Cantilevered Spaces #treehouses

Roofed Treehouse Residences

suppose esign house in fukawa - There's something very enchanting and charming about the Suppose Design House in Fukawa and it has a lot to do with its seemingly suspended spacial...

Costa Rica's Finca Bellavista is a Fantastic Concept #treehouses

Residential Treehouses (UPDATE)

Costa Rica's Finca Bellavista - We may have recently covered Costa Rica’s Finca Bellavista, but some innovations are so multi-faceted and groundbreaking that they deserve a ...

The Naha Harbor Diner Is Perched Atop A Giant Imitation Banyan Tree #treehouses

Amazing Treehouse Cafes

Naha Harbor Diner - Before you get too excited, you should know that the giant banyan tree that Naha Harbor Diner sits on top of isn’t actually real. In fact, ...

This Robert Potokar Treehouse is Every Kid's Dream #treehouses

Dream Playhouses

dream, playhouse, for, children - Robert Potokar has created this fantastic playhouse made especially for children. The Robert Porokar playhouse is made from spruce plywood and i...

The Outlandia Treehouse Art Studio is a Creative Space of Solace #treehouses

Unassuming Forest Retreats

Outlandia Treehouse Art Studio - Although the setting of this Outlandia Treehouse Art Studio might look like it's straight out of a horror movie like Blair Witch or the Shining, it...

The Crystal Treehouse by David Rasmussen is an Idyllic Forest Escape #treehouses

Resplendent Tree Retreats

Crystal Treehouse by David Rasmussen - The Crystal Treehouse by David Rasmussen is a rare example of a reclaimed material retreat that screams comfort. Perched seemingly precariously ov...

Nest by UID Architects is Open to the Forest Beneath It #treehouses

Hollow Treehouse Dwellings

Nest by UID Architects - Early architecture satisfied the need for shelter and not necessarily for complete enclosure. Nest by UID Architects is an example of a contemporar...