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Sashiko jeans knee repair--"Reverse-applied navy blue fabric with large white polkadots. Repair feels reassuringly dense and strong, but I made the classic early mending error of pulling my sewing too tight so the mend carries a pucker.

Certain items of garbage appear in every corner and borough of the city, like old, smelly, unlikable friends.

Peter Arkle Illustration: A Periodic Table of New York City Trash. Peter Arkle’s illustration for The New Yorker accompanies an article analyzing the elements of urban litter.

The photographer Paul Bulteel travelled to fifty sites in Europe, chronicling what happens to the things we leave behind.

Trash Is Ugly But Recycling Is Downright Beautiful - See the plants where Europe's circuit boards car tires and refrigerators are given new life. The post Trash Is Ugly But Recycling Is Downright Beautiful appeared first on WIRED.

Repair manifesto

The Dutch design collaborative Platform 21 has launched a new project to promote repairing things as an alternative to recycling them or throwing them away. See their ''Repair Manifesto'' below. Over on the Platform 21 site you can also find a longer in