Homemade Dry Mixes

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Seasonings, Cooking and Drink Mixes, Infused Salts, Dried Food and many more


Shawarma Seasoning

An easy to make blend of warm spices to season your chicken, pork or lamb for shawarma!

Hot Cocoa Mix

On a wintry day, hot chocolate is the ultimate comfort-in-a-cup -- whether you're still a kid or just a kid at heart.

Jamaican spice mix - HeNeedsFood

It can be used as a dry rub or mixed with oil or yoghurt for a marinade.

Spice Mixes - Recipe for Homemade Madras Curry Powder

One of the most popular spice mixes around, Madras Curry Powder is a earthy, yet fragrant mix of spices, and is used for a number of dis...

Easy Mediterranean Herb and Spice Mix

65 reviews
5 minutes

This Easy Mediterranean Herb and Spice Mix is really simple to make and extremely versatile. Use it as a rub for chicken, pork or fish.

Jamaican Curry Powder - Immaculate Bites

Jamaican Curry Powder- Perfect blend of homemade Curry Powder. Quick, easy, no additives or fillers AND it tastes way better than your store-bought brands. Looking back at my life there has never been a time when I did not have a curry jar in my pantry. It’s always been a pantry staple and something that I ... View More

Homemade Onion Soup Mix Recipe - Cleverly Simple

8 reviews
2 minutes

DIY homemade onion soup mix made from dried onion flakes, onion powder, garlic powder ,dried parsley, salt, turmeric. celery salt and black pepper. Combine all ingredients and store in an airtight container.

Kanda Lasun Masala- Secret of Kolhapuri cuisine - Kali Mirch - by Smita

4 reviews
1.5 hours

Pune, popularly known as “Oxford of East” owing to high presence of educational institutions in the city has also attained a rather unique distinction. Being historically rich it has attained a title of “cultural capital” of the state witnessing a significant number of social and cultural events in the city. Various food festivals, cultural and...Read More »

Homemade British Mixed Spice

22 reviews
5 minutes

This famous British spice blend has been enjoyed in Christmas baking for several centuries. With both sweet and savory applications, you will love this deliciously versatile Mixed Spice blend!

Xacuti Masala Powder

X for Xacuti Masala Powder under Miscellaneous / Condiments for BM #32. I understand that the non-vegetarian version of Xacuti is...

Homemade Fajita Seasoning Recipe | ChefDeHome.com

Homemade Fajita Seasoning, a Mexican staple clean blend of flavorful dry spices to brighten up flavor of fajitas. Gluten free, starch free, salt-free

indian restaurant spice mix

23 reviews
5 minutes

This Indian restaurant spice mix is one of the key tricks restaurants use to make their curries.

Homemade Achari Masala Recipe - Cubes N Juliennes

How to make best homemade achari masala recipe step by step. An amazing Indian pickling spice mix that lends super good pickle flavour to curries, sabji, barbecues and stir fries. Say no to those crude store bought ones.

Achaar Ka Masala Recipe (Pickle Masala) - Fun FOOD Frolic

It takes a little effort to combine spices at home and make achaar ka masala. Learn how to make pickle masala in few simple steps.