World Tourism Day 2013

World Tourism Day (WTD) is a thematic event held every year on September 27, underscoring the socio-economic impact of tourism. This year's World Tourism Day theme, “Tourism and Water - Protecting Our Common Future”, focuses on tourism's significant role and contribution to worldwide water conservation efforts.
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Skiathos island, Lalaria beach

Skiathos island, Lalaria beach - not soft on the feet like it looks unfortunately!

Loggas beach in Corfu, Hellas

Loggas beach, Corfu island ~ Greece Greece has some of the best beaches all around the world.

Skiathos island, Greece

Lalaria Beach on Northern Skiathos. The last time I was here was in the late Time to go back I think!

If you want homemade Cretan cuisine and you are a true nature lover then this is the right place for you! Thalori Traditional Village :

The Thalori traditional village at Kapetaniana has been designed, renovated and furnished to offer memorable experiences. The aim was to create and enhance the harmony among exterior and interior spaces.

Cave of Gala, koufonisia islands, greece

Koufonisia a Paradise island where space and time dimensions are different from what established theory has led you to expect

Kokkinokastro beach, Alonnisos island, Greece

The island of Alonissos in Greece was named an "ecological paradise" in a recent feature published in Italian newspaper “Quotidiano di Sicilia”.

Dreams and Life by Sleep to Dream or #Travel to Live! #Crete #Guide #Accommodation #Book

Crete - what you need to know. The unspoiled delights and treats of Crete: where you will find them and how to fully enjoy the uniqueness of Crete. With the discerning traveller in mind.

Anamaki beach, Evia island, Greece

Greece Cave on the beach Anamaki (Damian) Hiliadou, Evia

... a great one!  #Small #Hotels #Crete #Villas #Houses #Activities #Gastronomy #Crete

... a great one! #Small #Hotels #Crete #Villas #Houses #Activities #Gastronomy #Crete

In her official message on the occasion of World Tourism Day on September 27, Greek Alternate Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura focuses on the goals and priorities of the Tourism Ministry, which include improving the accessibility to places of tourism interest for all.

World Tourism Day 2016: Greece has Accessible Tourism on Priority List