Lugano Lake  Switzerland Vintage  Travel Posters Art Deco #essenzadiriviera - | the olive oil cosmetics from the italian riviera.

Lugano Switzerland

Lugano Lake Switzerland Vintage Travel Posters Art Deco - www.

a vintage tourism ad for the Ticino/Switzerland

A vintage tourism ad for the TICINO/Switzerland.

Lugano Otto Baumberger

Lake Lugano, Switzerland,Vintage Poster, by Otto Baumberger

Artist Unknown, Lugano-Lido, 1928

Artist Unknown, Lugano-Lido, 1928

Lugano - Suisse - Southern - Switzerland - Schweiz

Lugano Switzerland Vintage Posters Art Prints - this is such an interesting city. The "it" place to visit in the and you see the vintage poster hanging. Truly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe!

Morcote, Lago di Lugano, literally one of the most beautiful places I've had the privilege to visit...magical really

1952 Morcote, Lugano Lake, Switzerland vintage travel p[poster

My great aunt Inke lives here... I need to visit! Lake Lugano, Switzerland

This vertical Swiss travel poster features a seaside village with a man rowing a boat and a sailboat in the distance near a rock formation. The beautiful Vintage Poster Reproduction is perfect for an office or living room.

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Tessin ... Ticino

Tessin ... Ticino

Lugano Luigi Rossi

1924 Swiss poster for the Electric Railway from Lugano to Tesserette, in the canton of Tessin, showing the San Stefanon church, Switzerland vintage travel poster

Castagnola Lugano

Castagnola Lake Lugano Resort

Castagnola, Lugano poster--my cousin lived in this town for years

Brissago - near of Ascona

Vintage Travel Poster - Brissago - near Ascona - Switzerland.

Lugano, Suisse-Southern Switzerland-Schweiz

Lugano, Suisse-Southern-Switzerland, lithograph printed in 1960

Ticino by Buzzi Daniele / 1946. Beautiful stone lithographic colors for a typical village on the Lugano lake. Ticino means Tessin in Italian, the region in the south of Switzerland at the border with Italy. The village illustrated is Grandria.

Vintage Travel Poster by Buzzi Daniele Buzzi: Ticino, Italy 1946