Agenda: Development
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Articles from the World Economic Forum Agenda, focusing on development, infrastructure and long-term investing.
Which African country gets the most venture capital investment?

South Africa’s start-ups get the biggest fund rounds but Nigeria gets more investments - Quartz

5 charts on the African infrastructure paradox

5 charts on the African infrastructure paradox

How electricity problems are limiting growth in many African countries

A lot of the chatter about Africa’s moment of economic lift-off have revolved around the mobile revolution happening in the region. But true economic transformation, the kind that will l.

How does the arrival of foreign supermarkets affect developing world consumers?

A radical transformation is occurring in the way households in developing countries source their consumption. A key driver of this so called ‘supermarket revolution’ has been the arrival .

How can South Africa tackle inequality?

Unless South Africa’s persistent inequality is addressed, the country risks sliding into an accelerating downward spiral of rent seeking, cronyism and corruption. Whether a downward spira.

Why the new sustainable development goals should include LGBT rights

Negotiations on the UN’s development strategy, which involve all 193 member states, have at last produced a set of ambitious Sustainable Development Goals.

How Ghana is tackling child malnutrition

Scientists discover a farming practice in West Africa that could help global climate change and food insecurity: A simple, effective farming practice that involves kitchen waste and charcoal.

How do remittances affect democracy in Africa?

Much has been written about the impact of remittance inflows on economic and social outcomes, including economic development, inequality and poverty.

Are the poorest of the poor being lifted out of poverty?

Five-year-old Nasreen rests with her family's belongings as she plays under a flyover in Mumbai January REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

How we can feed the world

How we can feed the world

Can free trade bring an end to poverty?

A new way of visualising world trade - Agenda - The World Economic Forum

How much do we know about the long-term legacy of aid programmes?

Everyone has their favourite story of the project that turned into a spectacular social movement (SEWA) or produced a technological innovation (M-PESA) or spun off a flourishing new organ.