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Articles from the World Economic Forum Agenda, focusing on the environment and resource security.
How Vietnam is making its hospitals greener and safer

Colleagues often make fun of me – a physician who does not manage patients, but healthcare waste. I must confess that I have a strange job. When I visit hospitals, I do not walk through t.

Why we can't save the Earth without saving the oceans

The ocean and the atmosphere are linked in ways that are only just beginning to be fully understood. Like siblings, the sky above us and the waters around us share many characteristics – .

How can we solve the electronic waste problem?

EU Unveils New Recycling Targets, Landfill Ban

The improved data set showing no hiatus in global warming

Adelie penguins walk along ice at Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay, East Antarctica

Why is an ocean greenhouse gas so damaging?

How tiny marine microbes can model climate change

How do batteries affect the environment?

The recent unveiling by Tesla founder Elon Musk of the low-cost Powerwall storage battery is the latest in a series of exciting advances in battery technologies for electric cars and dome.

Why financial markets ignore climate change at their peril

Financial markets have yet to grasp the urgency of investing in measures to protect businesses and people from the worsening impacts of climate change, depriving those efforts of much-nee.

The green school helping Egypt tackle climate change

The Middle East is plagued by so many issues—severe economic problems, civil wars, and the threat of radical armed groups—that it is easy to push climate change to the bottom of everyone’.

Why our ageing populations could help slow greenhouse emissions

In many parts of the world, and particularly in developed countries, populations are getting older. Of the baby boomers (born between 1945 and the oldest are now well into their si.

5 ways to sustainably develop our oceans

If the oceans were a nation, their output would rank them as in terms of GDP, right behind Britain and just ahead of Brazil. A recent study has found that annual “Gross Marine Product.

How will El Nino affect Africa's farmers?

A farmer holds organic coffee beans at a coffee field in the mountains of Peru's central jungle city of Chanchamayo August Castro-Mendivil

Why we need a Global Apollo Programme to tackle climate change

One thing would be enough to bring a halt to climate change. If clean energy became cheaper to produce than energy from fossil fuels, the use of fossil fuels would stop.