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Articles from the World Economic Forum Agenda, focusing economic growth and social inclusion.
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Lessons from the 1975 British referendum on Europe

The European Union flag is pictured in a window reflecting a street in London

How to turn violent cities into engines of growth

Can violent cities deliver economic growth?

4 steps to improving public-private partnerships

Some PPPs succeed. And many of these partnerships stake their ground somewhere in-between: they are effective but still fall short of a result or two; they deliver but with le.

Why income inequality is bad for growth

Yet Another Record for Americans Collecting Disability

How to encourage public-private partnerships in the US

By any measure, the United States is a laggard in terms of public-private partnership (PPP) projects. Between 1985 and there were 377 transportation PPP infrastructure projects fund.

4 steps for Latin America to boost long-term growth

Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean has weakened significantly over the last few years. Part of this weakness appears to be here to stay, and IMF economists have marked down medium-.

Where is the growth in Indian manufacturing jobs?

Mumbai: India’s external debt at the end of the first quarter of the current fiscal declined by percent on sequential basis to USD billion due to strengthening of the US dollar against rupee.

Why Africa needs to become more like China

When you are looking over the beautiful Atlantic Ocean from the harbour in Cape Town, host city of the World Economic Forum on Africa it is easy to convince yourself that Africa’s l.

What can tourists do to help Nepal’s quake recovery?

Can earthquakes ever be predicted? This question is timely after the magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal recently. If authorities had more warning that the earthquake was coming, t.

Why we need a new plan for Greece

Total credit and deposits growth unchanged in July, Bank of Greece reports

Do better roads really improve lives?

How can improved roads change peoples’ lives? How much do people benefit from road projects?

5 lessons from sub-Saharan Africa's first public-private road

In 2014 we chronicled some projects completed that year. Here, we continue to monitor the progress o

Why reducing inequality is key to the success of Abenomics

Japan is not immune from the increase in inequality observed in other advanced countries in recent years. Anecdotal evidence suggests that concerns over income inequality have grown among.

Looking back on 25 years of the World Economic Forum on Africa

How can South Africa tackle violence against foreigners?

The long-term implications of Turkey's election

The long-term implications of Turkey’s election

What's needed to secure a sustainable future?

The world in according to Pentagon researchers