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Articles from the World Economic Forum Agenda, focusing on technology and the future of the internet.
Which jobs can't be done by robots?

Frey and Osbourne probability of robots and automation replacing jobs chart

The radical solution to robots taking our jobs

Soccer-playing robots - Rise of the machines - Pictures - CBS News

Is technology destroying more jobs than it creates?

From turning carbon emissions into plastic to recycling everything we use, are these the solutions that could save our planet from climate catastrophe?

Can shrinking big data help us analyse it?

Will technology rob us of our humanity? Ever more sophisticated advances in technology will challenge what it means to be human, writes Jean-Marc Frangos.

How mobile internet killed off Nigeria's cyber cafes

How mobile internet killed off Nigeria’s cyber cafes

What should India's smart cities look like?

How are India’s tea-sellers tackling air pollution?

How to help robots handle uncertainty

Decentralized partially observable Markov decision processes are a way to model autonomous robots’ behavior in circumstances where neither their communication with each other nor their ju.

How to use drones for development

Video: How disaster response robots can save lives

The submarine cables boosting Africa's bandwidth

Six years ago, the Sea Cable System (Seacom), the first undersea broadband cable along Africa’s eastern and Southern coastlines, was launched.

What can we learn from giant balloons on the edge of space?

Galaxies are star factories. But for some, such as massive elliptical galaxies, their star-forming days are now over.

Why social selling is not about selling

Social selling is a hot topic in the worlds of sales and marketing these days. At its most basic, social selling is a way to use social networks to establish and further relationships wi.

How African markets are primed for explosive growth in mobile tech

One interesting way to think about it is to see where there can be disruptive innovation. There are basically two w.