World's Tallest Shipping Container commercial building 17 containers comprise the 4 stories of Freitag‘s new Zurich store, situated near the transit bridge with roof-top views of the city. Who knew a simple cycling solution could turn into a high-style recycling empire?But in scaling up, Freitag’s never compromised their commitment to material reuse and local production (in Zurich).

Freitag Store is World's Tallest Shipping Container Structure!

25hours Hotel Zürich West, Zurich, 2012

The Hotel Zurich West was developed with the team of Alfredo Häberli Design Development together with Aeberli Vega Zanghi Architects and with Stefanie Häberli-Bachmann. The Hotel is his first chance to completely design a hotel and.

vintage furniture at walter // zurich // on

i think that’s my favorite excuse to check out local shops that seem different and original.

Hunt for design items and quality food at the Viadukt.

Im Viadukt: The most exciting street to shop in Zurich

Neumarkt 17 Salon | neumarkt 17

Neumarkt 17 Salon | neumarkt 17

#Waldraud photo credits_© Play Hunter

#Waldraud photo credits_© Play Hunter

hipshops Zurich - Edition Populaire

Located in the industrial part of Zurich, Edition Populaire is a small shop that carries carefully selected commodities The lovely range of simple products for the daily life tip the scales at quality, design and price