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The tobacco industry uses and pollutes water that could have been used for more productive means.
4,500,000,000,000 cigarette butts in our waterways, streets and parks beg to differ. The tobacco industry should be held responsible for cleaning up their own mess #TobaccoExposed #NoTobacco
Beaches are littered with millions of cigarette butts, but the industry gets press for funding beach clean-ups. This is greenwashing. #NoTobacco means less microplastic & toxins in our oceans.

World No Tobacco Day 2022

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Children & adolescents 👧👦 who use e-cigarettes double their risk of smoking cigarettes later. Remember, e-cigarettes are addictive and harmful.
Countries around the 🌏🌍🌎 are making progress in the fight against tobacco but some still need to address new products such as e-cigarettes.
Switching is not quitting! #CommitToQuit e-cigarettes today with help from 👨‍⚕️ your healthcare providers ☎️ a quitline 📱 Text messaging programs ⬇️ Quit Now or Quit Genius app 👩‍⚕️ Florence, WHO’s digital health worker Find out more - bit.ly/QuitToolkit


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The ↘️ number of tobacco users have the industry worried. Don’t fall for their tricks, don’t switch to products promoted by tobacco & related industries. Visit our page and #CommitToQuit with the help of our toolkit.
🆕 WHO global tobacco trends report released today, shows that there are 1.3 billion tobacco users 🌐 compared to 1.32 billion in 2015, & expected to ↘️ to 1.27 billion by 2025. #CommitToQuit 🚭
#CommitToQuit today and start living a healthier life! #NoTobacco

World No Tobacco Day 2021

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Raising tobacco taxes is SMART. It helps 💡 Save lives 💡 Mobilize resources 💡 Address health inequities 💡 Reduce health system burdens & costs 💡 Target noncommunication disease risk factors to achieve UN SDGs
Through tobacco tax policies, countries can increase their revenues to fight #COVID19 with more resources, and strengthen their plans to build back better after the pandemic.
In 2018, only 38 countries covering 14% of the global population, had sufficiently high tobacco taxes.

Tobacco taxes

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Smoke-free spaces, both indoors and outdoors, are needed to protect the health of pregnant women 🤱 & children 👦👧. With comprehensive & effective policies 🚭, a ‘smoke-free generation’ is within our reach! #NoTobacco
6⃣2⃣ countries around the 🌎🌍🌏have adopted comprehensive smoke-free policies🚭, improving their children’s chances of a healthier future. #NoTobacco
✅ Smoke-free policies ✅ Smoke-free public places ✅ Smoke-free homes help babies 👶 & children 👦👧 survive and thrive. #NoTobacco #NewbornHealth

Tobacco Control & Child Health

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Tobacco and related industries target children with appealing flavours, free samples, attractive designs, social media influencers and so on. #TobaccoExposed
The tobacco industry spends an average of $23 million on marketing every day. #TobaccoExposed
Tobacco lobbyists have tried to manipulate COVID-19 policymaking to get tobacco shops listed as 'essential' & offer free delivery of tobacco products to people in quarantine. Tobacco is not essential during COVID-19 or ever! #TobaccoExposed

World No Tobacco Day 2020

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