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Viking Shield - Rus century shield, the Norwegian Gulaþing and Frostaþing laws specify the construction of a shield. The shield should be made of wood with three iron bands and a handle fastened to the back side by iron nails. Viking Armor, Viking Shield, Viking Sword, Viking Battle, Escudo Viking, Medieval Shields, Viking Reenactment, Germanic Tribes, Viking Culture

Древнерусские щиты 10 века

Вторая половина IX в. ознаменовалась возникновением на Восточноевропейской равнине нового государства - Киевской Руси. Первоначально его территория простиралась вдоль пути «из варяг в

Tips For Staying Safe Outdoors - Wellbeck Survival Guide Viking Camp, Viking Life, Larp, Viking Reenactment, Viking Dress, Viking Culture, Viking Clothing, Anglo Saxon, Iron Age

Tips For Staying Safe Outdoors - Wellbeck Survival Guide

But it’s so easy to assemble and grab a small bag that has a couple of basic tools in it that could make an enormous difference to your situation if something unexpected happens that we see no reason not too!